Glass Photo-Mask
Glass Photo-Mask
The Glass Photo-Mask is produced with the
High-precision Laser Direct Write Pattern Generator
the writing scope is 400mm×400mm, realizing the
precision that the large write pattern generator can
not do.
The Glass Photo-Mask is widely used in the
measurement instrument, optical instrument,
semiconductor, LCD production lines and the
medical field.
Rotary-Encoder Slit-Disk
Glass Photo-Mask
For an optical electronic rotary-encoder, the
signalization, symbolization of its rotation and
precision of the Slit-Disk are its lifeblood. Our
company has the first class thin-film technology, we
produce the high-precision and high-quality slit-disk
with the special Pattern Generator.
The slit-disks produced by our company are widely
used in the fields such as the production equipments,
robot manufacturing, and spaceflight industry. Both
famous foreign and Chinese companies have highly
appraised our products and they use our slit-disks in
their products.
Laser Direct Write Standard-Scale
Glass Photo-Mask
The line width of the Standard-Scale is only one
micron, it is directly written on the glass board with
the High-precision Laser Direct Write Pattern
Generator, than it is cut by the Dicing Machine into
the finished product. Every Standard-Scale has the
precision of the original one, it is not a duplicate.
Except the functions of the optical micrometer. It can
be used to measure the precision of the
manufacturing equipment, verify and calibrate the
multiplying factor of the microscope, “one scale
realizes many functions”.
Glass Reticle
Glass Photo-Mask
We provide various high-precision Reticle and
microscope movable object jiggle system. The Reticle
is our company’s traditional product; we have unique
processing technique and strict quality management
There are many types of Reticles, we can produce the
customer-tailored products.
Manufacturing process of our start from the surface polishing of the glass material. The ultrasonic cleaning machine as many as 14 tank, glass material polished, and finished to a cleansurface as possible. Pinhole-free homogeneous on the surface of a clean metal film of chrome (cr) is deposited by sputtering system, it becomes the glass blank.
Glass Photo-Mask
New technology and ingenious technology and skilled, slit disk to complete is processed into the shape and dimensions of each glass blanks were patterned after that.
Up to the last glass processing from the surface polishing of the glass material, we have done in our hands to the creation of original plate even more.
Glass Photo-Mask
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